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Activities and outputs

Interviews and podcasts

Lomborg, S. & Lai, S. S. (Featured). (2024, January 8). Digitale spor: Hvor ender vores personlige data? [Digital traces: Where does our personal data end up?, Audio Podcast]. In Kraniebrud

Lomborg, S., Otto, E., & Lai, S. S. (Featured). (2024, January 18). App'ens hemmeligheder [The secrets of the app, Audio Podcast]. In Vov at Vide.


Translating critical data and algorithm studies into impact. Workshop, 15-16. August 2024, Center for Tracking & Society, University of Copenhagen.

Keywords for Datafied Living, workshop, 31. January 2024. Leipzig University.

Key themes in digital disconnection research: Authenticity, wellness, datafication and power. ICA pre-conference in Toronto, 25 May 2023, co-organiser.

Scaling up and taking down: Lifetimes of Communication Infrastructure, 2 November 2022, Center for Tracking & Society, Copenhagen.

Datafied Welfare States: ECREA pre-conference co-organized with the Communication & Democracy division of ECREA. 18 October 2022.

Masterclass with Stine Lomborg: Keywords for Datafied Living (4 May 2022, University of Helsinki).


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